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If Your Baby Loves This Cereal, You Need To See What This Mom Just Found In It

This mom was shocked to find pills inside her infant son’s cereal, and it turns out that she wasn’t the only parent to do so!

When Meghan Davis poured some Gerber Puffs cereal onto her six-month-old son’s high chair tray last month, she was shocked and terrified by what she saw.

The Texas resident turned her back for a moment after pouring, and when she turned back around, that’s when she noticed what looked like a pill among the scattered pieces of cereal. “I went down to reach to grab one to put it up to his mouth and there was a white chunk sitting there,” she said.

“Oh, I was terrified. Bless his heart, I yanked him out of the highchair and almost scrubbed the skin off of his hands because the puffs had shared the same container,” she added.

When she dumped the rest of the bottle’s contents, she says she found another white chunk. A representative from Gerber came to collect and test it after she called the company and confirmed it was Tylenol Three with Codeine.

Gerber has since stated that their Puffs cereal is made on a dedicated baby food line, their staff wears shirts with no pockets so nothing can fall in, and that the bottles are scanned and checked for foreign objects. However, other parents have claimed that the same thing happened to them.