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Some Foods Just Shouldn’t Be Green…Like These 15 St. Paddy’s Day Fails

There are plenty of meals that look cool or cute when they have a St. Paddy’s Day theme, but these green foods definitely aren’t.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a fun time of year to drink all the beer you can and deck yourself out in green.

Most just wear green clothes or accessories to celebrate in style, but others like to use food coloring to make their drinks and meals match the holiday’s color. Some foods turn out really cool, but others just end up looking nasty.

Don’t be surprised if you aren’t that hungry on St. Paddy’s Day, because these 15 green foods will make you completely lose your appetite.

1. They probably taste great but they just look moldy.

2. Seriously though, how can we be sure this isn’t mold?

3. Sorry, but I do not like these green eggs and ham…