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It’s National Napping Day! Celebrate The Art Of The Snooze With These 20 Cuties

National Napping Day exists to let us get a few ZZZs after losing an hour to daylight savings time, so here are some sleepy cuties taking full advantage.

Most of us are feeling pretty off and a little more exhausted than usual today.

To be honest, there’s really nothing I’d rather do right now than crawl into bed and sleep all day after springing forward with daylight savings time over the weekend. That’s why today is National Napping Day, when we’re all encouraged to grab a few extra ZZZs if we can. And what better way to celebrate than to share with you some of the cutest kids and animals taking full advantage?

Don’t be surprised if you start to nod off because this snoozefest is about to feel pretty appealing.

1. These three couldn’t be more precious if they tried.

Toddler has best napping buddies ever!

2. It’s super tiring being this adorable 24/7.

3. Bunnies are basically 10,000 times cuter while napping.