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He Thought He Was Trolling His Mom…But Then She Sent Him This Hilarious Photo

He thought he was going to prank his mom from afar, but then she sent him a picture from right outside his classroom. Hilarity ensued!

The first time I swore in front of my mom, she nearly keeled over.

In the heat of an argument (you know, one of those fights that tends to follow teenagers around), I said, “GO TO HELL,” to my mom and immediately regretted my decision. She was stunned. I was stunned. The dog was stunned.

If I happened to be Jason Bateman and not a teenager from the pits of hormonal hell, this would’ve been me.


After a nice week of grounding, I went back out into the world knowing that I should never test my mother like that again.

However, I did it over and over again because teenagers are genetically awful. That being said, I think what this mom did to her son when he jokingly swore at her via text will make him change his ways.

In a series uploaded by this Imgur user, you can see one mom living her best life as her son pushes her buttons via text while he’s at school. Here’s the conversation from the beginning. Just watch it all unfold in the screenshots below.

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She did THAT. Never mess with Mom, kids. Never. She brought you into this world and she can take you out.

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This mother is the real MVP. Be sure to share this with the hilarious parents in your life! When it comes to embarrassing the living hell out of your children, the possibilities are endless.