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When Her Dad Refused To Walk Her Down The Aisle, Her Boss Did Something Amazing

This bride was heartbroken when her father refused to watch her get married, but what her boss did for her made her wedding so special.

Jennifer had been with her partner, Sam, for 11 years when they decided to get married.

The women from Taiwan had already faced many difficulties in their years as a same-sex couple and didn’t expect others to be happy or supportive about the news — in fact, Jennifer’s parents had made it clear that they never approved of the relationship. But when they told her they wouldn’t come to the wedding and cut off all contact, she was devastated. Her father refused to even walk her down the aisle.

Though same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Taiwan, it was important to Jennifer and Sam to have a symbolic wedding.

Jennifer must have been heartbroken thinking that nobody would walk her down the aisle, but that’s when her boss stepped in.

John Li, CEO of HSBC Bank in Taiwan, where Jennifer is employed, offered his arm to her in place of her father. She was worried about the way she’d be treated at work, but her coworkers completely accepted her and came to celebrate with her as well!