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This Funny Pup Is So Spoiled, He Sometimes Forgets That He’s Not Human

This cute pupper is making everyone fall in love with him because he seems to think he’s more human than dog.

This furry cutie may not be human, but just try telling him that.

A four-year-old Shiba inu named Chiko is making the internet fall in love with his photos — not only because they’re adorable, but because he seems to think he’s more of a person than a dog. His owner, 32-year-old Olesia Kuzmychova from Adelaide, Australia, has had him since he was a puppy and says she’s always catching him doing funny and unusual things. In fact, most of the time, he just pretends he’s a person!

He even enjoys watching TV!

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“He is not just a pet, he is my everything, he’s that special and he loves all the attention that everyone gives him where we’re out,” Kuzmychova said.