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12 Strange Medical Conditions You Never Knew You Needed To Fear — OMG

These bizarre medical conditions may be rare, but they’re enough to keep anyone up at night.

It’s pretty easy these days to completely freak yourself out by researching various diseases and disorders on the internet.

No matter what symptoms you look up, they all seem to point towards cancer or another fatal disease. This is exactly why I don’t take medical websites that help you self-diagnose too seriously — I worry enough as it is, and don’t need to add another heaping pile of panic to my plate. Unfortunately, I’ve recently had the displeasure of coming across a host of rare and strange disorders that have sent my anxiety skyrocketing.

Just hope that you never get any of these 12 bizarre medical conditions because they could seriously wreak havoc on your life.

1. Sleepy sickness, or encephalitis lethargica, causes a sudden inflammation of the brain. It basically turns people into living statues who can’t move or speak. Even those who survive the condition have stayed in a permanent state of lethargy, often sitting in the same spot all day and not saying a word.

2. On the other side of the spectrum, chiari malformation happens when the skull is too small or misshapen and presses the brain downwards, which causes it to extend into the spinal canal. It’s been known to almost completely stop people from sleeping, but thankfully it can be corrected with surgery.

3. Pure alexia, or alexia without agraphia, is a disorder that can make it impossible for people to read despite being able to identify and name individual letters. It is commonly caused by strokes and rehabilitation efforts have been mostly ineffective.