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He Was Freezing And Desperate For Help — That’s When He Made An Impossible Choice

After being stuck on a freezing cold ski lift for two hours at Sugar Mountain Resort in North Carolina, this teen decided to risk it all to get to safety.

Imagine being stuck on a freezing cold ski lift for over two hours. Would you continue to wait for help or jump 30 feet to the ground below?

At Sugar Mountain Ski Resort in North Carolina, a young snowboarder was recently faced with that near-impossible decision. The teen had ridden the lift to the top of the mountain but decided at the last minute that he didn’t want to go down the slopes. While riding the lift back to base camp, it suddenly stopped, leaving him suspended 30 feet above the ground. For over two hours, he waited for help that would never come as the temperature dropped into the teens.

Finally, he decided to jump. The drop fractured his right heel and wrist and knocked him unconscious. When he came to, he crawled 500 yards before he was found.


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Hopefully, this boy and his family will be compensated and the resort will take steps to make sure that an incident like this never happens again. Be sure to share this story as a warning with the ski and snowboard enthusiasts that you know.