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Their Baby Died During A Routine Procedure — But Was It All Part Of A Scam?

Betty Squier’s daughter Daisy died from complications from anesthesia during a procedure the girl might not have needed.

We pay co-pays and other expenses expecting our doctors to help us and our children.

And while we like to think that our health professionals are doing what’s best for us, some doctors and medical staff could be making up unwarranted medical needs as a way to scam Medicaid and insurance companies for everything they’re worth. A family in Texas is now suing their dentist after they lost their young daughter to a medical mishap during a procedure they now believe was part of a scam.

Elizandro Torres and Betty Squier were told their 14-month-old daughter Daisy required necessary dental work to perform root canals and deal with tooth decay.

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During the procedure, Daisy was administered anesthesia. Everything was going according to plan until the little one’s heart stopped beating.

Daisy was later pronounced dead, and the official medical examiner’s report attributed the cause of death to anesthesia complications.