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12 Things That Will Make You So Germaphobic And Paranoid (If You Weren’t Already)

These freaky possibilities are things that could happen at any time, which is why most people would choose not to think about them.

I thought I was obsessed with safety and cleanliness before, but these horrible truths have taken my paranoia to a whole new level.

The world is definitely a scary place. Violence, murder, and fatal accidents are everyday occurrences, but as it turns out, there are many more things to worry about that don’t often come to mind. It’s really no wonder why some people choose to stay blissfully ignorant, because sometimes that’s better than losing your sanity.

I hope you’re ready to plunge into the depths of anxiety, because you’ll probably never feel safe or clean again after hearing about these 12 nightmarish possibilities.

1. If you like swimming in bodies of fresh water, including ponds, lakes, rivers, and hot springs, you’re at risk of inhaling Naegleria fowleri, or brain-eating amoebas. They snack on your brain cells and neurons, which can cause a lethal infection.

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2. Dust mites could be living and pooping in your bed right now. They especially love eating flakes of human skin.

3. Your appendix could rupture at any time without a lot of warning, putting you at risk of dying from sepsis.

4. Though brain aneurysms are rare, they can also occur at any moment and are often fatal. Many aren’t aware they have them until it’s too late.

5. There’s a very big possibility that your toothbrush has feces on it — and it might not always be yours.


6. Just picture this photo the next time you dive into the ocean.

7. Insects can set up shop in your ears whenever they want.


8. Before you kick something out of anger, remember that the famous distiller Jack Daniel was said to have died after kicking a safe with his toe, causing an infection that led to his death.

9. It’s more than likely that the next public pool you visit will have feces floating around in it.


10. The Food and Drug Administration allows low levels of insect parts, rat hair, mouse poop, maggots, and more nasty things to be present in food or the ingredients that go into it.


11. Letting lint build up in your dryer can cause it to burst into flames, potentially killing you.

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12. Here’s what can happen if a vehicle’s brakes fail.

Anyone feeling like this right about now? Yeah, me too. Be sure to share this with your friends and family because misery loves company.