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20 Of The Worst Selfie Fails The Internet Has To Offer — LOL

We usually try our best to take good pictures of ourselves, but these people failed to block out funny things in the back of their photos.

Most of us tend to frame our lives (and ourselves) the way we want to be seen.

Whether we’re pretending to be happier than we really are on social media or we’re using a certain camera angle to cover up our flaws, we’re usually hiding something that we don’t want others to know. Some pull this off pretty successfully…others, not so much.

From funny photobombs to people being unaware of their surroundings, these 20 attempts at taking the perfect selfie ended in complete failure.

1. When you pretend that your boyfriend is sneaking pictures of you.

2. “This is how I feel about your stupid selfie, hoomans.”

3. Yep, that dog is definitely mocking you.

4. “Some friends took a picture and later realized that the people in the background were stuffing a baby in a cannon.”

5. You might want to check for mirrors next time.

6. The camera found something much more interesting to focus on.

7. What are dads for if not to embarrass the crap out of us?

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8. Speaking of crap…

9. I’m a little concerned about the person on the floor.

10. No, your boyfriend did not catch you sleeping.

11. Again, no.

12. When you see it…

13. “I took a selfie and saw myself 20 years in the future (I’m wearing khakis too).”

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14. Behind you…

15. “Don’t mind me, just getting smothered down here.”

16. What an absolute creep.

17. “Took a selfie, got a surprise.”

18. Didn’t you know that a camel’s diet includes human heads?

19. Um, good for you?

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20. How did you not think that one through?

(via Bored Panda)

The next time I take a selfie, I’ll definitely be checking the background first. Be sure to share this story with others if it made you laugh!