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24 Photos That Prove Highland Cows Are The Adorable Heroes We Don’t Deserve

Move over, puppies and kittens. There’s a new reigning champ of cuteness in town, and it’s here all the way from Scotland.

Forget Batman. As it turns out, the world has already been blessed by the heroes humanity doesn’t deserve. Ladies and gents, meet the highland cow.

These fuzzy Scottish beauties honestly seem too adorable to be real, and even though we can’t have nice things, these cows are straight chillin’ in plain view anyway. If you need a break from the fact that it seems like the world is falling apart, here are a few photos of these chubby angels to help you get by.

1. Lana Del Rey, what’s good?

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2. “I can touch my tongue to my nose! Also, I’m too good for you.”

3. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you over me being superior in every way.”

Getty Images

4. That feeling when your haircut is fresh as hell.

Getty Images

5. She just saw her beautiful face in a mirror and is SHOOK.

Getty Images

6. People Don’t Deserve Me But Here I Am Volume II, album dropping next month.

Getty Images

7. Such is the life of a pageant mom.

Getty Images

8. “Me and Mom have matching hair because your squad literally could never.”

Getty Images

9. Steamy shower scene, take two.

Getty Images

10. “Oh hello, puny human. Never forget your place.”

11. May the floof be with you.

Getty Images

12. “Why yes, I am the best thing that has ever happened. Thank you for asking.”

13. “Hair so thick, can’t see my haters.”

Getty Images

14. “You ever just remember how you’re the embodiment of physical perfection and shock yourself? Same.”

15. Even with this face, he’s cuter than I’ll ever be. The first step is acceptance.

16. Much sunlight. Such majesty.

17. This woman should feel hashtagblessed.

18. “You’d better be handing me a god damn trophy for existing.”

19. Prancing away from your garbage opinions.

20. “I AM the pot of gold.”

21. Even that one guy who always ruins the picture doesn’t ruin the picture. Highland cows are TOO MUCH.

22. “Miss me with your nonsense.”

23. The dead-inside-ometer will spike if you don’t wheeze at this immediately.

24. “Tell me again how dogs are the cutest. I’ll wait.”

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And there you have it, folks. Definitive proof that highland cows are the greatest. Share this with anyone you know who could use a pick-me-up right about now (which is everyone).