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This Prison Is Home To Some Of The Most Dangerous Criminals…And Maybe A Ghost

Prison guards saw a figure moving on camera, but they don’t think it was an inmate. They aren’t even sure if it was a human.

When guards at the Campo Grande prison in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, saw a dark figure moving around on a CCTV camera they were monitoring, they assumed it was a prisoner trying to escape.

After all, it wouldn’t be unusual for a convict to want to break out of a maximum-security facility. But when they looked closer, they noticed that the figure, which was in the area where clothes and bedding are hung after being washed, appeared to be floating through the prison walls.

Some of the prisoners think that it may be the ghost of an inmate convicted of trafficking who was allegedly murdered at the facility about a month ago. He was reportedly found hanging in his cell with blue rope around his neck.

It definitely doesn’t look like a human being to me.

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(via Daily Mail)

What do you think the figure is — some kind of spirit, a person, or a shadow tricking our eyes? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and share this story to see what others make of it.