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This Hilarious Toddler Got Into The Butter…And You Can Guess The Rest

This butter-obsessed girl got caught making a mess by her parents, but she continued to play like nothing was wrong.

They say everything is better when it’s covered in butter.

And I’m sure that this butter-loving diva believes that wholeheartedly. After managing to get her hands on the butter dish, this tiny toddler wreaks havoc in her family’s dining room, scrubbing and squishing the butter everywhere — including all over her body. When her parents finally catch her in the act, all she can do is deny, deny, deny.

Now I don’t speak baby, but if I had to guess, I bet she’s asking for more butter!

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How could anyone be mad at a face like that? Share this cuteness with all the people in your life who can never get enough butter.