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This Tiny Dog Was Terrified Of Everything Until Her Best Friend Came Along

Weezy was scared of everything until a tiny baby boy came into her life to allow the dog to come out of her shell.

We often call someone who’s always frightened a scaredy cat, but in the case of this Italian greyhound, you might call her a scaredy dog.

When Weezy was dropped off at an animal shelter in Alberta, the pup was scared of just about everything. Anything from human contact, squeaky toys, or even the buzzing of a fly would send the greyhound into fearful trembles. Her irrational fear was so bad that the first family that tried to adopt her from the animal shelter returned her the next day because the panicked dog was too much for them to handle.

But when Sarah Mavro heard about Weezy, she was willing to drive more than two hours to pick up the dog and take her home. Little did Mavro know at the time that her future baby boy would be just what the doctor ordered when it came to calming Weezy’s nerves.

Before Weezy could go home with her new family, her teeth were in such terrible condition that all but two of them had to be removed, causing the dog’s tongue to hang from her mouth most of the time.

Upon arriving at the Mavro’s, Weezy was given a security blanket to hide in when things got too be too much for her tiny heart to handle.

It took Weezy quite some time to fully learn to trust Mavro and her family.

But they never once lost their patience or stopped showing her unconditional love.

After being in the Mavro’s care for three years, Weezy decide to let out her very first bark.

Seven months ago, Weezy’s entire demeanor changed with the birth of baby boy, Evan.

Weezy became quickly attached to the newest member of the family.

And the two have been nearly inseparable ever since.

She lets Evan climb all over her and show her love and affection without so much as a wince.

Their bond is undeniable!

Can you blame Weezy? Who doesn’t go absolutely crazy for a newborn baby?

Evan has allowed Weezy to put her past behind her and truly learn to live.

(via Essential Baby)

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