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This Woman Is Sharing Her Ectopic Pregnancy Story In Hopes Of Saving Lives

After suffering a horrific ectopic pregnancy, this woman is sharing her story to help spread awareness.

Ectopic pregnancies affect up to one in every 40 pregnancies and are the cause for nearly 10 percent of pregnancy-related deaths…but do you know what they are?

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg begins to grow outside the woman’s uterus. Women over the age of 35, or under the age of 20 are most at risk for experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. If not properly treated, the fertilized egg will continue to grow, threatening damage to nearby organs and may cause severe blood loss to the mom.

With all its life-threatening complications, there is little to no awareness made public for women experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. To help spread the word, one mother is sharing her personal story overcoming her own pregnancy scare.

Identified only as Kerri, this brave woman recounts the joy of discovering she was pregnant, as well as the heartbreak that followed.

I can’t begin to imagine the amount of grief and heartbreak Kerri went through. Share this video to help spread awareness and possibly save a few lives in the future.

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