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Woman Dies While Trying To Steal Clothing Out Of A Donation Box

While a woman was taking clothes out of a donation box one night, her arm got stuck inside and she died before help came.

On February 6, 56-year-old Judith Permar was found dead dangling from a clothing drop-off box by her arm.

The Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, resident had reportedly been removing items from the box at around 2 a.m. “She was fishing bags out and the ladder she was standing on gave way, and she couldn’t get her hand loose,” said Mount Carmel Police Chief Brian Hollenbush.

According to the county coroner, Permar died from blunt force trauma and hypothermia. When she fell, she broke her arm and wrist and wasn’t able to free herself from the container.

She wasn’t found until 8:30 a.m. that morning, more than six hours after she first arrived. Hollenbush said bags full of clothing and shoes were on the ground next to her, and that her black Hummer was parked nearby with the engine on.

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Police say that somebody reported a woman stealing items from another bin in November. A car with the same description was seen at that location.

(via and PennLive)

While Permar shouldn’t have been doing what she was doing, it’s still horrifying that she died in such an awful way. Be sure to share this story if you can’t imagine having to go through what she did.