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He Lit A Roll Of Toilet Paper On Fire And I Was NOT Expecting That Kind Of Result!

What happens when a roll of toilet paper faces off against a blowtorch is oddly hypnotizing.

Could toilet paper survive a house fire? I would have bet a million dollars that the answer was a firm no, but this video proves otherwise.

If you remember anything at all from science class, you probably know that fire needs oxygen to burn. Rolls of toilet paper are wound tightly, leaving very little air flow between the sheets. As a result, any fire that touches it struggles to burn — even if that fire comes from a blowtorch and clocks in at 3,640 degrees Fahrenheit.

The effect is quite mesmerizing. Burn, baby, burn!


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The far side of that roll is totally still usable. Be sure to share this crazy video with your friends and family — and don’t try to recreate it at home!