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20 Of The Creepiest Deep Sea Creatures — I’m Never Swimming Again

From giant crabs to fish with spiky teeth, these 20 deep sea creatures are a whole lot of NOPE.

If there is one place on Earth that I never want to visit, it’s the deep sea. Everything down there looks like it just swam out of the seventh circle of Hell.

These 20 creatures (or shall I say monsters) are prime examples of just how scary the deep sea can be. The ocean’s dark, vast waters are teeming with all sorts of lifeforms that were never meant to see the light of day. Giant crabs? Check. Fish with pointy teeth? Check. Weird squids that look like Cthulhu? Double check. Good luck sleeping after seeing these terrifying monstrosities.

1. The deep sea is full of creatures that are scarier than any horror movie.

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2. I mean, what the hell is this? Does the planet really need a fish like this?

3. There are many types of anglerfish and each one is more horrific than the last.