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His Daughter Was Already Hospitalized For A Head Injury, Then He Threw Her Down

Logan Rose was arrested after blatantly abusing his 10-month-old daughter in front of hospital staff as she was being treated for a head injury.

Child abuse typically takes place behind closed doors, but when it happens right in front of hospital employees, it makes you wonder what’s going on when no one is looking.

Earlier this month, Nicole Rose left her 10-month-old baby girl and three-year-old son at home with her husband, Logan Rose, while she went shopping. When she returned, she noticed that the baby had a large, squishy bump on the side of her head. Logan denied any knowledge of the bump, but Nicole knew it was serious. Immediately, the family rushed the hospital.

Doctors examined the bump and found that the baby had a skull fracture and severe brain bleed. Logan suggested that she may have fallen, but doctors disagreed. They explained that the injury had been caused by more force than the baby simply bumping her head.

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The baby was crying as doctors delivered the news. After they were finished, Logan picked the 10-month-old up and forcefully threw her on the bed, yelling “Go to sleep,” as he shoved a pacifier in her mouth.

Then he cursed at doctors, complaining about the “horrible service,” before chasing down Nicole’s three-year-old son and pinching him on the arm. The next morning, Logan was arrested for child abuse.

To complicate matters further, Logan called Nicole and threatened her from jail. As a result, he’s also been charged with tampering with a witness. Authorities also learned that Logan was jailed several years ago for assault after stabbing someone during a fight.

Nicole continues to insist that Logan did nothing wrong. Sadly, she too might be a victim of his domineering and violent personality.

To learn more about this case, check out the video below. As of now, Logan is being held in the Spokane County Jail. A judge has issued a no-contact order barring him from seeing his daughter.


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