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Don’t You Hate When You’re Skiing And You Accidentally Fall Off A Cliff? He Does Too

This guy was having a great day on the slopes until he suddenly realized he had skied right over the edge of a cliff.

One of my biggest fears about skiing as a kid was completely losing control and tumbling down the mountain.

Watching my parents ski down black diamond slopes — which looked absolutely terrifying and impossible to master — didn’t do much to quell my dread. Luckily, I never experienced a serious mishap, but this guy can’t exactly say the same.

Devin Stratton was enjoying a beautiful day on the slopes when his world literally turned upside down. Unfortunately, he realized too late that he was skiing straight off of a cliff.

It’s a damn good thing he was wearing a helmet — he didn’t even get any bruises!

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Except for some broken gear and a lost ski, he walked away completely unscathed. Be sure to SHARE this story if you’re amazed that he wasn’t hurt!