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Wildlife Park Asking People To Catch Deadly Spiders Will Likely Be So Disappointed

This wildlife park needs funnel-web spiders to make antivenom for their bites, so they want regular people to catch the dangerous critters.

I’m all for catching spiders in my home and releasing them outside instead of killing them, but even I’m not sure that I’d be brave enough to do what the Australian Reptile Park is asking.

The wildlife park in New South Wales is known for collecting snake and spider venom in order to make lifesaving antivenom, but their supply of funnel-web spider venom is running very low.

So, Tim Faulker, the general manager of the park, is asking the Australian public to catch any of the deadly creatures they come across as part of his venom-milking program. He even made a public service announcement explaining how to safely capture them, but the video doesn’t do much to make it sound safe or appealing at all.

They’re aggressive and their fangs can pierce through plastic?! NOPE.


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I really have to commend the people who are actually willing to do this. Be sure to SHARE this story with others if the thought of catching these spiders freaks you out, too!