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What This Teen Did To A 9-Year-Old Boy Will Shake You To Your Core

This little boy thought his neighbor was going to give him some kite string, but he was brutally murdered, dismembered, and cannibalized instead.

On January 16, nine-year-old Deepu Kumar went missing from his home in Ludhiana, India.

When police reviewed CCTV footage from the area, they noticed him walking with Vikesh Kumar, a 16-year-old boy who lived on the same street. Unfortunately, that was the last time that Deepu was seen alive. When they found and arrested Vikesh, the boy was already dead.

What Vikesh confessed to the police would make anyone’s stomach turn.

Vikesh (middle) admitted to strangling Deepu in the bathroom, chopping his body into six pieces with a gardening tool, and then eating flesh from his thigh and drinking his blood.

According to police, Vikesh said he intially lured Deepu to his home under the guise of giving him some kite string. He initially intended to kidnap the boy and demand a ransom from his family, but ended up killing him when he believed the plan wouldn’t work.

After Vikesh was done with Deepu’s body parts, he washed them, put them in a sack, and left the sack near Deepu’s home. He had also cut Deepu’s heart out of his body and threw it on his school campus, saying that he had hoped it would cause the school to shut down because he hated it and his teachers. Police later found the heart under a water tank.

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“This is a case of cannibalism as the boy craves for human flesh. He told us that he would often want to eat raw chicken. At times he even craved to eat his own limbs,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police Bhupinder Singh.

(via The Times of India / The Huffington Post)

Vikesh is currently undergoing medical and psychological tests. Be sure to SHARE this story if you’re horrified by what he did to an innocent little boy.