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When Officers Arrived, They Found A Lifeless Baby And Saved Her With An Eyedropper!

In Long Island, New York, officers Steve Golub and Devin Humphreys are being hailed heroes after using an eyedropper to save a baby’s life.

I’ve heard of eyedroppers being used to feed stray kittens, but in Long Island, New York, two police officers just used one to save a baby girl’s life.

Officers Steven Golub and Devin Humphreys were first on the scene after a mother gave birth at home on her bathroom floor. The baby was born with an airway obstruction and was already turning blue. Knowing they could not wait for EMTs to arrive, Humphreys grabbed the baby and began trying to clear her throat.

Humphreys told ABC that she told her partner, “Get me a turkey baster, anything with suction.” Golub quickly located an eyedropper, which they used to remove fluid from the baby’s mouth and nose.

Despite her rough start to life, she is expected to be okay. Without the quick-thinking officers, she likely would have died on that bathroom floor.


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