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He Was Called And Told That The Love Of His Life AND Their Baby Had Passed Away

On Saturday, January 14, Sean Gillies got a devastating phone call from doctors informing him that his girlfriend and their unborn child had died.

On Saturday, January 14, a phone call changed Sean Gillies’ life forever. His girlfriend of three years and unborn baby had unexpectedly died.

Gillies says, “I felt myself completely crumble when the doctor told me the news.” His girlfriend, 26-year-old Karah Ross, was in the prime of her life. She was five months pregnant with their son, and had never shown signs of any health issues. How could something like this happen?

Karah was having a normal evening at home with her grandmother, Margaret,on the evening of the 14th. They chatted over a cup of tea, then went to bed.

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A little later, Margaret awoke to a terrifying scene. In her own words:

“I heard a loud bang from her room. I shouted out to her, but there was no reply. When I tried to open the door, I found her slumped inside. She had turned blue and there was blood coming from her mouth.

She had been absolutely fine. She was a fit and healthy young woman. This has come completely out of the blue.”

In fact, Gillies says that Karah was “fitter than most athletes.” Although doctors did everything they could and even performed an emergency C-section in an attempt to save her baby, the young woman and her child both died.

Gillies decided to name their baby boy Noah Jack Gillies. He and Karah hadn’t decided on a name yet, but Noah was one that she loved.

Until an autopsy is performed at the end of the month, doctors can’t be sure what killed Karah. However, they suspect that it may have been a blood clot in her lungs.

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Our hearts go out to Gillies and Margaret during this heartbreaking time. Losing a loved one is never easy, but two at once is almost unthinkable. Share this story as a reminder for everyone to cherish the ones they love.