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How Would You Feel If A Bus Driver Wouldn’t Let Kids Go? It’s Actually Happened

In Arizona, shocked parents watched helplessly as a school bus driver held 40 kids hostage.

What would you do if a school bus driver held your kids hostage?

As you’ll see in this surveillance video, that’s exactly what happened to 40 kids in Arizona back in 2015. According to reports, the elementary school students were being “rowdy.” Instead of releasing them to their parents, the bus driver locked them inside the vehicle and refused to let them leave. Many screamed and cried for their parents, who tried to pry the doors open and called 911. Then, terrifyingly, the driver sped off.

The chaotic scene is one that would strike fear into the heart of any parent. Unbelievably, the driver was not charged.


Luckily, he returned to Dysart Elementary School, where he let the kids off the bus. The school immediately placed him on administrative leave, but he opted to resign from the position. Father Adam Kautman witnessed the terrifying event and said:

“I don’t know if he went crazy, was going to crash into something because the way he took off, he was speeding. They’re responsible for the lives of all those children on the bus to get home safely, and he did the exact opposite of that.”

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