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First He Found An Old, Abandoned Church — Then He Found A Miracle

This man with cancer says that restoring an abandoned church gave him purpose.

For most, being diagnosed with stage four cancer is a death sentence.

When Greg Thomas was 57 years old, he and his family were told to start planning his funeral. After that, he only felt solace when he took his dog out for a walk in the Minnesota countryside he calls home. One day, they came across a 150-year-old church that had been abandoned for more than 70 years.

Greg spent a lot of time on its front steps praying and crying. The building was in disrepair, and despite everything he was going through, he decided that he wanted to fix it up.

Greg spent years stripping away the old paint and sprucing up the church. He even ventured inside to tend to the interior. What happened next, though, will completely surprise you.


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