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Relationship Expert Says This One Thing Can Save Your Marriage

This relationship expert was at the brink of divorce, but after he made the decision to always put his wife first, their marriage improved dramatically.

Marriage is hard work for any couple, and many eventually feel as though they’ve lost their spark.

Relationship expert Harry Benson says that’s normal, but most people don’t know how to go about fixing it or rekindling their love for their spouse. He believes, though, that there’s just one main thing that spouses need to do to make their marriage work, and it’s based on the old adage “happy wife, happy life.”

According to Benson, he has the experience to prove that this approach works, as he and his wife were able to turn things around after almost calling it quits.

Benson and his wife Kate went through a very rough patch after they had children. They almost got a divorce. It was then that he realized he needed to make a change.

He knows what he’s talking about, and research backs him up. Unhappy marriages can be happy again — it’s just a matter of how committed people are to saving their relationship.

Additionally, studies show that in families with children, when Mom is happier, everyone is happier. Moms surveyed said that what they want most is a kind partner who is interested in them and their kids.

Couples often lose sight of one another while taking care of children. Benson realized this, so he made a conscious decision to focus more on taking care of Kate. As a result, he became a better husband.

Benson says that he wishes he had known on day one that simply being more attentive to his wife would keep their marriage healthy. He thinks they never would have gotten into the mess they did if he had done that from the start.

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He and Kate got through their struggles, and now they’ve been married for more than 30 years. They couldn’t be happier.

This seems like fantastic advice, and it makes sense — keeping your spouse and their feelings in mind definitely sounds like it would strengthen a relationship. Share this important reminder with all the married couples you know!