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He Was Born With A Rare Condition, But Doctors Just Gave His Parents Fantastic News

Six-year-old Daire Flanagan was born with Alpert syndrome, a rare condition that resulted in many issues as his skull literally crushed his brain.

Since the day he was born, Daire Flanagan’s skull has been crushing his brain. He’s now six years old, and doctors finally have some good news.

Daire was born with Alpert syndrome, a rare condition that affects roughly one in 150,000 people. Unlike other infants who are born with a soft, expanding skull that allows their brain to grow, Daire’s skull was fused. As a result, his brain was literally being crushed.

The pressure has also caused Daire to have various breathing problems. In summer 2016, doctors broke the bones in the middle of Daire’s face and attached a metal frame to his skull. Their goal was to bring the middle of his face forward, allowing the small boy to breathe without a tracheotomy for the very first time.

Despite the many obstacles that Daire has faced, he’s a happy-go-lucky kid who loves to smile! As his doctors reveal, things are finally looking up for his future.


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Suddenly, my problems don’t seem like such a big deal. I think we could all learn a lesson from this little boy’s positive attitude. Don’t forget to share his success with your friends and family!