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A Man Demanded Money From The Cashier…But He Didn’t Have A Weapon!

In Los Angeles, a convenience store’s security camera recorded an interestingly dressed man committing a robbery while pretending to have a weapon.

This guy must have learned everything he knows about robbing convenience stores from Mr. Bean. By holding his hand behind his back, he somehow convinced cashiers that he had a gun and made off with a handful of cash.

But if there’s one thing lamer than his hand-behind-the-back technique, it’s what he decided to wear on the day of the heist. Donning a long-sleeve dress shirt, cargo jean shorts, black shoes, long white socks, and a fedora, he looked more like an embarrassing dad than a criminal.

To top all of this off, the whole thing was captured by the store’s security camera. And incredibly, despite the man not being armed, he managed to get away with nearly $300.

As of yet, police have not identified the robber. They hope that by releasing this video to the public, they’ll be able to have this guy (and his ridiculous outfit) behind bars soon.

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This has to be the dorkiest robberies I’ve ever seen. Be sure to share this video with your friends on social media so that the police can catch this guy!