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These Dogs Were Just Sleeping On Their Pillows…Then The Pillows Exploded!

No one knows why, but when a dog is left alone with a pillow, sometimes that pillow spontaneously explodes.

All across the country, there is a bizarre phenomenon of dog’s pillows randomly exploding. Sure, the pillows make a huge mess, but let’s just be thankful that our pups are still alive.

As a dog owner myself, I can only guess how this keeps happening. I don’t think I could count how many pillows have “exploded” while my back has been turned. Something must be to blame, right? Perhaps faulty manufacturing? Tiny grenades? Aliens?

One thing is for sure — these 20 dogs definitely didn’t do a thing!

1. This little pup was sleeping like an angel when his pillow exploded.

2. “Yes, there was an accident, but I’m a lion now!”

3. Pillows frequently explode in crates. This dog’s just really happy that he survived.

4. “You’ll never believe what happened! It felt like an earthquake…”

5. “Then my pillow went KABOOM! Totally inexplicable.”

6. At first I thought this was a baked potato with extra sour cream, but nope. It’s another poor victim of a pillow explosion.

7. “As you can see, I was WAY down here at the other end of the hall. No clue what happened back there.”

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8. This dog was so scared by the explosion that he lay down in the rubble and took a nap.

9. Strangely, the same exact thing happened to this pup.

10. These incidents rarely happen outdoors.

11. But when they do, it’s confusing for everyone involved.

12. When two dogs are around, the chance of a pillow explosion doubles for some reason.

13. See what I mean?

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14. These two are definitely hiding something.

15. “I swear, Mom, we were just sleeping when we heard a loud POP!”

16. “And then there was a BANG! I saved what I could, trust me.”

17. This dog’s owner said: “My puppy claims someone threw a frag [grenade] into the house and in order to save us all he put it under his bed to absorb the impact. Funny it’s happened 3 times now.”

18. It looks like something similar happened to this pup. Shame that the rubber ball was also a victim.

19. “It’s not a big deal. My bed still works, see?”

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20. Sometimes homework explodes, too. But that’s usually the cat’s fault.

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