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When You See Where This Hidden Staircase Leads, You’ll Need One Immediately

Imgur user notadeckofcards built the passageway down to his home theater, which was previously only accessible from the outside.

Secret passageways are the best.

As a kid, I always dreamed of having one, and we’ve covered so many amazing DIY secrets here on ViralNova. There are always more new and innovative ideas out there, though, from talented builders everywhere.

Do-it-yourself master, Imgur user notadeckofcards, previously redesigned his basement “dungeon” into an incredible home theater. That’s not all, though. He also built a secret staircase that any kid or kid-at-heart would be jealous of.

Here’s what his home theater looks like. Incredible, right? The problem was, he could only reach it through an outside door.

Our designer chose a corner of the room that was relatively bare to build the hidden stairway.

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Above, it was the perfect size and place for a comfortable seating area next to the window.

He built out the box he planned to use as the base of the seating area and door to the passageway.

Outside, brackets and padding were added, along with a clean white paint job.

Then it was time to take the big leap — cutting into the floor.

Once open, there was no turning back.

Inside the hole in the floor, notadeckofcards needed to create a frame with sturdy brackets to hold the ladder.

The ladder was especially difficult to make, since angles have to be precise to stay parallel to the floor.

Despite the difficulty, it turned out exactly as planned. Finally, he put it all together.

This is what the seating area looks like when the staircase is hidden. Looks like a great spot to read a book!

Then you move all the pillows and crack the top open.

Unlatch the front and you’re ready to climb down.

Look, there’s that Star Wars poster. You’re definitely going to the basement.

Ta-da! It’s the perfect way to stay warm and dry and still get to the home theater.

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What an amazing project. If you were going to put a hidden staircase in your house, where would it go? SHARE his amazing DIY skills with others who will appreciate his hard work!