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Her Son Was Playing Like Any Other Kid, But Now She’s Being Threatened With Charges

Single-mom Sapphire Curzon is being threatened with charges by housing managers who say her two-year-old son, Callum, plays "too loudly."

Like any other two-year-old, Callum Fisher loves to play. Some of his favorite toys are trains, cars, and blocks, but there’s one problem — due to the “excess noise” he makes, his Mom is facing charges.

Callum’s mom, Sapphire Curzon, lives with her son in a one-bedroom apartment in the U.K. While she does her best to keep the little boy’s noise to a minimum, anyone who’s ever parented a toddler knows that total silence is impossible. Now, her landlord is threatening her with an ASBO, otherwise known as an “Anti-Social Behavior Order.” If Curzon is served, she’ll face criminal charges in front of a judge.

Curzon admits that she knew her neighbors were annoyed by noise coming from her apartment. That said, she can hear them, too! With thin walls and floors, the building is far from noise-proof.

Then, on December 20th, a property manager handed her a letter. It warned that unless something was done about the noise, an ASBO would be issued.

For those living outside the U.K., an ASBO, otherwise known as an Anti-Social Behavior Order, exists to charge individuals with offenses like hate crimes, drunk driving, rioting, and drug dealing — not to keep a toddler from playing with toys.

The letter reads:

Dear Miss Curzon,

Re Anti Social Behaviour Stage 1 Warning Letter

I write to you following some complaints I have received about you regarding noise coming from your property.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of your tenancy agreement which states —

You must not:

5.2.1 Do anything or allow anything to be done in the premise or communal areas of the locality which causes or would be likely to cause nuisance, annoyance, or harassment to:

a) anyone living in or visiting the locality;

I trust that you will understand our position on this matter and that I can rely on your future co operation [sic] with adhering to your conditions of tenancy. If you have any queries concerning this matter please do not hesitate to contact me on the above number.

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Curzon told SWNS: “I find myself now constantly telling him [Callum] off. But I shouldn’t tell him off because he’s playing. It’s just what a child does…I have told him to try to be a little less excitable and hyperactive, but he is just full of beans. I’m not going to punish him for being a happy child.”

What do you think of this single mom’s predicament? Are the housing managers justified in threatening her with an ASBO? Or is this an example of abuse of power?

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