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Buyer Beware: This Online Retailer Doesn’t Just Scam People — It Harasses Them!

The company’s called Profane, and as you’ll see in these messages, it’s a fitting name.

My mother worked in retail for over 20 years, so it’s hard to go shopping anywhere without hearing her say, “Customer service isn’t what it used to be.”

I also can’t help but notice the downward spiral of some retail stores and customer service reps thanks in part to the rise of online shopping. Whereas shopping in the store puts you in direct view of the workers and the team tasked with making sure everything’s kosher, online shopping in most cases never puts a face with a name.

In some cases, e-commerce companies try to scam their customers out of money without providing the goods and services that were paid for. While the internet may have hurt the customer service industry, thanks to social media, negative interactions with these fraudulent companies are going viral. After one fed up cyber shopper waited over a year for her products, she took to social media to vent her frustrations.

Zoe Ann Kelly and her boyfriend, David, ordered nearly $200 worth of clothing from an LA-based company Profane as part of a Black Friday sale during the 2015 Christmas season.

Months later, the pair’s shipments had yet to arrive, so by April of the following year, they decided to contact the company to see what had gone wrong.

They assured Kelly that the items would be reshipped, but when they failed to ship once again, reps became dodgy with their responses. They would rarely reply and when they did, it would be to say they’d handle the issue “tomorrow.” Unfortunately, tomorrow never came.

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Taking to social media to get her point across, the woman began posting comments on Instagram and Twitter to let everyone know that she was not satisfied with their service.

Expecting no response whatsoever, the manager of Profane’s social media accounts surprised Kelly when he not only responded, but showed his lack of professionalism when it comes to dealing with customer complaints. You can read the full interaction between Kelly and the Profane employee below, but be warned that the texts contain graphic language.

Since posting her conversations with Propane on social media, other dissatisfied customers have taken to badmouthing the company and their practices.

As it turns out, Kelly wasn’t the first to experience horrible customer service from the online clothing company.

Even models that have previously worked for Propane are speaking out about their bad experiences.

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Whoever is managing the social media accounts for Profane should think twice before speaking to anyone like that. It’s just cruel. Share if you agree that they should never get anyone’s hard-earned money again!