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This Family Was Playing A Board Game, But What Happened Next Made Everyone Scream

Don Briggs gave his granddaughter Amy Metcalf Taylor quite the shock when his dentures fell out during game night.

Game night with my family was always one of my favorite things growing up.

I’ve definitely made time to continue the tradition into adulthood. I love getting together with my friends to play new and hilarious games because it’s a great time to bond and laugh together. You can learn so much about a person by taking the time to play a game with them!

One game called Speak Out is taking the world by storm. It involves using a funny mouthpiece to make it difficult to say a phrase on a card.

Your partners then have to guess what exactly you’re trying to say. It’s totally hilarious, and people are posting amazing videos of the family fun.

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When Amy Metcalf Taylor asked her grandfather, Don Briggs, to play the game, she never expected the mishap that followed. The little ones in the room have no idea what’s going on!

“We all started screaming. He made a face at my daughter, and out they came on the floor,” Taylor said.

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Poor Grandpa! What a hilarious end to family game night. SHARE this if you want to try this game out with your loved ones!