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Pit Bull And Adorable Baby Are Best Friends Because The Stereotype Isn’t True

Angel the pit bull and her brother, Elias, are changing the way people think about pit bulls.

Stereotypes aren’t just hurtful to people. They can also negatively affect animals, and no one knows that better than pit bulls. On Instagram, a pit named Angel and her brother, Elias, are breaking down stereotypes in the most adorable way possible.

Pit bulls weren’t always considered dangerous. In fact, Victorians considered them “nanny dogs” and often relied on them to babysit or protect children. Over time, overblown reports by the media changed that. Today, pit bulls are abused, neglected, and euthanized more than any other breed.

This dog foster mom has always featured Angel and lots of other pits on her Instagram, but now that her newborn son has arrived, he’s joined the pack! As you’ll see, all that fuss about pit bulls being dangerous to children is total hogwash.

Before Mom and Dad brought newborn Elias home from the hospital, they let their pack of dogs take turns smelling his blanket.

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And when I say pack, I mean it! As dog foster parents, there’s often a variety of so-called “bully dogs” hanging around.