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Have You Ever Wondered How Animals Really See The World? It’s SO Cool

Animals from house pets to sharks have different and fascinating eyesight capabilities than humans, and here they are explained.

Sometimes I look at my pets and wonder how they’re really seeing me and the world around them.

I grew up hearing that dogs and cats were colorblind, but what does that really mean, and more importantly, what would that look like? And what about animals out in the wild? If I come across a snake in the grass or a fly on the wall, how do they see me?

The folks over at BuzzFeed Yellow have put together a video that not only explains the differences but actually shows you what it’s like to look through animals’ eyes. The results are fascinating!

1. Dogs see our world in more muted tones like brown, yellow, and blue. They also have better peripheral vision than humans.

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2. Cats see similarly to dogs with muted, cool-toned colors.