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24 Pets That Cannot Be Trusted With Toilet Paper

If you need further proof that pets are mischievous, wait until you see what these animals did with toilet paper.

As much as we may try to hide it, going to the bathroom is a perfectly normal part of our daily routine.

Our bodies have to get rid of the waste in our systems somehow, so we might as well accept the fact that everyone poops. Thankfully, the general public has had access to toilet paper since the 19th century.

The aforementioned “general public” does not include our animal friends, however, so they can end up feeling pretty left out. And when they’ve totally had it with their litter box or the backyard, they sometimes take out their aggression by wreaking havoc on good ol’ TP. The 24 pets below know exactly what I’m talking about.

1. “Wait until you see where I’ve hidden the rest of it.”

2. We call this the living toilet paper dispenser.

3. She ran out of toilet paper in her cat house, so she borrowed some from her neighbors.

4. Double the trouble, double the mess.

5. That’ll teach him to make a mess again.

6. Here’s what you get for leaving the litter box so close to the toilet paper.

7. What happens in the bathroom…doesn’t always stay in the bathroom.

8. “Surprise! Wait, what do you mean it’s not your birthday?”

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9. These naughty kittens thought they’d share the fun.

10. “If I just lie here, maybe she won’t notice the mess I’ve made.”

11. At least he looks somewhat sorry for what he’s done.

12. This little guy sure knows how to make a mess.

13. “I had a runny nose and needed a tissue.”

14. This cat thinks that toilet paper is the absolute best thing ever invented.

15. With a face like that, how could anyone stay mad for long?

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16. “Do you like my new scarf?”

17. “I mustache you, who ate all the toilet paper?”

18. “You said you wanted a white Christmas. I was just trying to help you out.”

19. “I was cold so I found something to keep me warm.”

20. Even pets down under love toilet paper.

Weird looking cat.

21. This dog has mastered the art of destroying a 12-pack in 60 seconds.

22. “Did I do that?”

23. “Here, let me help you.”

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24. “The dog made me do it.”

Well, friends, nothing is sacred, not even toilet paper. Share this with the pet owners in your life as a reminder to keep the TP away from their animals!