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This Man’s Grave Is Surrounded By Chains For A Very Bizarre Reason

After Matthew Halsall died in 1854, mourners surrounded his grave with chains and concrete for an odd reason.

Have you ever wondered what a vampire’s grave would look like? In the British Isles, one supposed vampire has been dead for over a century, but his grave is still surrounded by chains and concrete.

According to legend, 54-year-old Matthew Halsall died in Castletown, Isle of Man, in 1854. As is customary, parishioners had a wake and drank to his memory. How much they drank is up for debate, but things definitely took a turn for the bizarre.

As Halsall’s friends and family attended his wake, they heard a loud groan coming from inside his coffin. Immediately, they rushed to open the casket, believing that he might still be alive.

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Sadly, Halsall was still as dead as ever. The logical next step? Assume he’s a vampire and put a stake through his heart, of course!

After Halsall was buried, his grave was covered in a thick slab of cement. If that wasn’t enough to keep the “vampire” from rising from the dead, parishioners also surrounded the gravesite with chains, which locals believed deterred supernatural spirits.

It’s likely that the “groan” mourners heard was simply air escaping Halsall’s body. Today, coroners remove this air by pressing on the chest and windpipe, but back in 1884, the phenomenon was enough to make anyone scream “vampire.”

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Whether Halsall was a real vampire or not, it’s still a better story than Twilight! Don’t forget to SHARE this spooky story with your friends who love horror.