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18 Creepy Graveyard Finds That Are Sure To Keep You Up At Night

Cemeteries are full of dead bodies, but they aren’t always the most disturbing things there.

Spooky cemeteries have become as much of a horror movie staple as monsters and serial killers.

These creepy collections of caskets and dead bodies have set the scene for some of the scariest films in history. Unfortunately, though, disturbing graveyard finds aren’t just on the big screen.

More and more people have been coming across very strange things in their local cemeteries, and thanks to the internet, they’ve shared their discoveries with the world. Below are 18 of the absolute creepiest finds, and I bet that after you finish going through them, you’ll start looking over your shoulder quite a bit.

1. The only things scarier than the headstones in this cemetery are the trees.

2. No, I most certainly do not want to build a snowman.

3. Is that a voodoo doll?

4. How could anyone rest in peace with an ominous statue hovering above them?

5. Look me in the eyes and tell me that this isn’t at least a little unsettling.

6. This towering statue has seen better days.

7. “I’m not crying, you’re crying.”

8. What kind of cemetery has a statue that says “Lullabyland”?

9. No need to set an alarm when you’re dead.

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10. This children’s graveyard is flooded with decaying stuffed animals.

11. I’ve seen this old graveyard myself, and this picture doesn’t do this creepy statue any justice.

12. Here’s how the city of St. Louis chose to honor their former mayor.

13. Didn’t anyone tell these statues that this is a cemetery, not a playground?

14. Who thought that this statue was a good idea?

15. Talk about a kiss of death.

16. Nothing to see here, just a bunch of statues playing head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

17. I wonder where the rest of Leslie is…

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18. Someone should tell this dead woman that she’s a bit out of place.

Would you be caught dead in any of these cemeteries? I’m happy to check them out from my couch, thank you very much. Don’t forget to share this creepiness with the horror fanatics in your life!