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These 17 DIY Rain Gutter Projects Are Adorable, Genius, And Functional

These projects can liven up your home and create storage solutions for every room of the house.

Rain gutters are an essential part of keeping any house safe and dry.

What you may not know, however, is that there are so many other uses for them that have nothing to do with withstanding the elements. Creative and inventive people looking for storage solutions or fun for their kids have used rain gutters in truly amazing ways, and we want to share 17 of those DIY projects with you. Maybe you’ll even get inspired next time you have to replace your gutters!

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1. Rain gutters are the perfect size for storing spools of ribbon.

2. You can also store thread on rain gutter shelves. Time to upgrade that craft room!

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3. Create the perfect outdoor cooler to keep your beverages icy cold.

4. Tired of looking at all those cords under your desk? Manage them with a rain gutter.

5. It can be hard to fit kids’ books on regular bookshelves because of their varying sizes and shapes. Rain gutters are the perfect storage solution.

6. Whether your garden is big or small, these tiered planters are beautiful and functional.

7. Go for an amazing centerpiece by using a rain gutter on your table. This would be perfect for a rustic wedding!

8. Kids will have hours of fun racing soap boats in rain gutters. Just add water.

9. If your garage is a mess, these DIY shelves can help you tidy up.

10. I bet any kid’s birthday party would be made a thousand times better by this ice cream sundae trough.

Just wash it off with the hose afterward! Very little cleanup.

11. Deck out your backyard with a ball run that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

12. Amp up your toy car ramp by adding a rain gutter!

13. Squirt bottle races are just another way to make rain gutters the life of the party.

14. Lay a rain gutter across the sandbox for an added layer of fun.

15. This shoe rack barely takes up any space and will keep the clutter off the floor.

16. Use rain gutters to make smooth edges on the lawn and create decorative space along the sidewalk.

17. This is just amazing. Take gardening to new heights with a rain gutter tree planter.

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So many of these are amazing solutions if you don’t have much space. Any home could use more rain gutters! SHARE this with the crafty people in your life who would love to try a few projects out!