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This Mom Is Hiding In The Pantry For A Very Relatable Reason…Watch ‘Til The End!

This mom of four filmed herself taking a much-needed break from her daughters in her pantry.

Being a parent is so hard, and everyone deserves a break sometimes.

The problem is, parenting is a 24/7 job. And there are some days when your little tykes can’t or won’t give you a single moment of peace to yourself. That’s when it’s time to get creative.

Ashley Gardner, mother to two-year-old quadruplet girls, has an understandably hard time finding quiet moments in her day. That’s why, when she desperately needed a treat, she locked herself in the pantry.

Make sure you watch until the very end to see a hilarious special guest.


Here are the girls in the pantry after Mom finally let them in. The picture was posted to the Gardner family’s Instagram, which is full of stories about their crazy antics.

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You can also follow them on Facebook and check out their incredible blog, where you can learn more about each girl and her personality.

Parenting is serious business, but the Gardner family has the sense of humor needed to raise four girls at once. Share this mom’s story if you’ve ever needed some time away from the kids!