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If You’re Married, You’ll Understand These Tweets Spiritually

Luckily for the internet, these husbands and wives took to Twitter to share their hilarious thoughts on married life.

When it comes to your husband or wife, you might feel like you can’t live with them and can’t live without them.

On your wedding day, you probably couldn’t wait to say “I do,” but now that the honeymoon’s over, all bets are off. While there’s arguably no stronger bond than the one between a married couple, there’s also no denying that after years together, even the tiniest of things can set you off.

When these husbands and wives were feeling a bit frustrated, they took the passive-aggressive route and got on Twitter vent to their followers. The result is the following collection of hilarious tweets that are sure to speak to every married person out there.

1. Most wives would be thrilled with a pet panda…unless of course there’s no food in the house.

2. Once you’re married, you start asking the important questions in life.

3. All it takes is one minute of snoring.

4. You know you need to step your game up when the cashier questions your marriage.

5. This husband needs to really let it go.

6. One brain to rule them all.

7. She wouldn’t have to yell if you didn’t do such stupid things while she was gone.

8. Don’t underestimate the persuasiveness of your wife.

9. I wonder what gave it away?

10. Money is the root of at least 90 percent of all marriage woes.

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11. It’s like reading your spouse’s mind.

12. If you put your foot in your mouth like this guy did, you’ll end up folding laundry for the rest of your life.

13. If this man spent as much time with his wife as he does thinking of puns, they might not need to see a therapist.

14. Seriously though, this back-and-forth can go on for hours.

15. There’s still hope that he won’t also act like his father.

16. I have a feeling this isn’t the first time they’ve both forgotten about date night.

17. Who needs coffee anyways?

18. Marriage is all about getting your priorities in order.

19. Here’s a bit of advice: Your spouse definitely knows about every single loophole.

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20. How dare you interrupt his beauty sleep!

21. Cooking once every 13 years can be hard work.

22. He kind of has a point.

23. He picks things up and puts them down.

24. I’m not sure anyone’s ever in the mood for burnt lasagna.

25. They say never go to bed angry. They probably haven’t met this woman’s husband.

26. No one wants to be stuck taking out the trash.

27. How did you spend your Friday night?

28. Respect their personal bubble and you’ll be married for years to come.

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29. I’m sure it made sense at the time.

(via Bored Panda)

Thank you, married people, for helping to make the internet a very funny place. Be sure to share these humorous tweets with your coupled-up friends to give them a chuckle or two!