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She Melted This Cheese Into Something That Will Change How You Drink Wine

By using a silicon mold, you can make unique cheese glasses to drink your favorite wine out of!

One of the best indulgences in the world is wine and cheese night.

Whether I’m with friends or enjoying a Friday alone, pairing wine and cheese is one of my absolute favorite things to do to relax. But is there a better way to combine my two most beloved treats?

According to this woman, there definitely is. Her genius creation involves melting a block of cheese instead of slicing it, and it will totally change the way you think about wine night.

Using a silicon mold, she manages to make little glasses out of the cheese. It’s like magic, but it’s even better because there’s wine.

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I have to try this. Even if you’re fond of your regular old glasses, this would be a really neat way to make your next get-together more interesting. Make sure to share this with the wine lovers you know who will think it’s awesome!