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This Precious Pup Lost Her Leg After Protecting Her Home From Armed Robbers

Roxy the Rottweiler stopped armed robbers from stealing anything from her home, but before they ran away, one of them shot her.

On December 30, Brenton Sutton thought a friend was knocking on his front door. Instead, he was confronted by several armed, masked men. One of them shot his Rottweiler, Roxy, before they fled the scene empty-handed.

As soon as the shot was fired, Sutton, fearing for his own life, ran out his back door and jumped the fence to his neighbor’s yard. Minutes later, he returned with a knife and expected to find Roxy dead. Miraculously, she was alive — but she was bleeding profusely.

Before the events of that night, Roxy was a happy, healthy dog, as well as the star of her very own Instagram account.

Then, an armed robber shot her in the leg. Her dad rushed her to the vet, and when he returned to the scene of the horrific incident the next morning, he couldn’t stop crying.

The bullet pierced Roxy’s leg and left shrapnel behind. Even worse, it severed the nerve that makes it possible for a dog to raise their paw. Amputation was her best chance of survival.

Roxy handled her surgery like a champ. Her dad said, “Roxy is showing strength that I only wish I possessed.”

Only hours after her leg was amputated, Roxy was panting and smiling like her old self.

Even with her leg missing, Roxy will be able to lead a full and happy life. That said, the man who shot her is an absolute monster who deserves to put away for a long time.

Roxy doesn’t appear to be holding a grudge, though. She loves her daddy and seems happy that she was able to help protect him when he needed her most.

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If you’d like to help with Roxy’s mounting medical expenses, check out her GoFundMe campaign that Sutton set up. He’s also planning to move as soon as possible.

We’re sending all our love to Roxy and Sutton! Here’s hoping she has a speedy recovery. Be sure to share this story of the incredible pup with your loved ones on social media!