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These Nutella-Stuffed Cookies Are Everything You Need Right Now

The step-by-step guide by Instructables user KitchenMason creates a mouthwatering cookie that looks absolutely incredible.

So many of us resolve to eat healthier this time of year, myself included.

It’s a noble goal, but then I remember that nutella exists. Instructables user KitchenMason has an insane recipe for nutella-stuffed peanut butter cookies that I think we all need to make immediately. To hell with resolutions! (At least until tomorrow when they’re all gone.)

If you want to make these mouth-watering treats, check this out.

1. First, scoop out a few tablespoons of nutella onto wax paper. Then, put them in the freezer until they’re completely solid.

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2. Then, sift together flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt and set it aside. In your mixer, beat butter and sugar until smooth. After that, add the peanut butter.