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Little Girl Steals Her Mom’s Phone While She’s Sleeping And Buys Herself Presents

When this little girl’s mom fell asleep, she knew it was her chance to order all the gifts she wanted with her phone.

When I was a kid, I remember times when I wished (especially during Christmastime) that I could have an unlimited supply of money to buy all the toys I wanted.

While this little girl didn’t exactly get that, she definitely came close when she swiped her mom’s phone and ordered everything she wanted for Christmas. She knew that the phone could only be unlocked with her mom’s fingerprint, but that didn’t deter her at all.

Meet six-year-old Ashlynd from Maumelle, Arkansas. She’s a huge fan of Pokémon and was dying to get Pokémon toys as gifts. She clearly must not have had much faith in Santa, because she decided to take matters into her own hands.

While she and her mom, Bethany Howell, were watching a movie together on the living room couch, she noticed that her mom fell asleep. She knew that her opportunity had come.

The little criminal mastermind grabbed the phone and used her mom’s thumb to unlock it.

She quickly navigated her way to the Amazon app and made 13 purchases, totaling about $250 worth of Pokémon merchandise.

Bethany and her husband, Allan, were confused when they saw the order notifications in the morning. They thought someone hacked their account, but then they saw that their house was the delivery address. Bethany confronted Ashlynd, who proudly spilled the beans.

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To Ashlynd’s further delight, only four of the toys could be returned, so she got to keep nine of them.

(via 22 Words)

This story might be cute, but wait until Ashlynd starts stealing cars…just kidding. Be sure to share this with others if you’re impressed by her craftiness!