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This Baby Elephant Is All Of Us Just Trying To Get To The New Year

The baby elephant slips and falls several times, but adorably keeps trying until he climbs out.

2016 has been a year full of ups and downs.

As it comes to a close, it seems like few things can sum up how insane the past year has really been. A video posted by Bob Lee, the elephant curator at the Oregon Zoo, might just do it perfectly. While on a recent trip to Borneo, he noticed an elephant calf climbing a muddy bank, and he caught the little guy on video living the struggle.

He slips and slides all over the place, but he never gives up.

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(via Yahoo! News)

I just knew he could do it! Now that’s the inspiration we all need to get to 2017. SHARE this with others who need a little help getting up after life knocks them down.