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Mount Hua Is A Tourist Attraction That’s Only For The Most Adventurous Travelers

Mount Hua is known for its treacherous pathways, one of which is a deadly wooden footbridge called Changkong Zhandao.

Located in the heart of the Shaanxi province, China’s Mount Hua has attracted thrill seekers and travel enthusiasts alike for hundreds of years.

The towering mountain is over 7,000 feet high, and while it might not compare in size to mountains like Mount Everest, Mount Hua is considered by many to have one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world.

Mount Hua is the westernmost of the Five Great Mountains of China and consists of five separate peaks. In Chinese culture, the mountain has a great deal of religious significance.

At the base of the summit lies a Daoist temple known as the Shrine of the Western Peak.

Each peak of Mount Hua has a variety of pathways that lead visitors up the mountain. Many of the trails have been deemed too dangerous because of their narrowing pathways. A cable car system made ascension easier in the 1990s, but many brave tourists still climb the mountain by foot.

Only the most adventurous of visitors dare to climb the mountain using a wooden plank bridge known as Changkong Zhandao. The pathway measures in at just a foot wide.

It is widely believed that the footbridge was built on Mount Hua when a Yuan Dynasty monk traveled there in hopes of finding a secluded place to meditate.

Those who attempt to use the bridge should bring their own harness or other safety system, as there aren’t any rails or chains to keep them from falling.

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Changkong Zhandao claims the lives of about 100 hikers each year. Would you be brave enough to traverse the dangerous paths of Mount Hua like these daredevils did?

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You could offer me all the money in the world and I still wouldn’t climb Mount Hua. Be sure to share this story with your adventurous friends who totally would!