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Bystanders Break Into Flaming Car To Save The Driver…You Have To See The Rescue

The driver crashed into a tree off of State Highway 288 in Perland, Texas, and suffered significant injuries before being pulled out of the car.

Unlike those dramatic movie scenes, most car crashes don’t end in explosions.

Unfortunately for one man who ran into a tree off of State Highway 288 in Perland, Texas, his crash was the exception to the rule. Shortly after he hit the tree, the car began to burn. Luckily, four other drivers came running to his aid. These Good Samaritans worked together to break open the window, drag him out of the car, and begin caring for his wounds while they waited for help to arrive.

Their dramatic and heroic rescue was caught on video, and as a result of their efforts, the man only suffered broken bones during the incident.

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Officer Jason Wells, public information officer for the Pearland Police Department, told ABC News, “If it weren’t for these people, this could have been catastrophic. The gentleman had significant injuries and would not have been able to get out of the car on his own.”

I’m so glad these heroes were there to save the day and that the man survived. SHARE their heroic actions with everyone you know. It’s truly amazing to watch them save a life.